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It’s taken some time to setup, but I’ve moved the site to its own URL!

This will allow greater flexability when it comes to modifying the website and also allows me to explore being a web site owner! Please come and have a look at my new website!

I’ve got plans to make the website into a treasure trove of information for Sims 4 and other games, as well as having a forum for everyone to talk to each other!



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Sims 4 – Story Progression-ish

We don’t have a mod that handles story progression (yet!) we can at least update the families that we split out a little bit easier using cheat codes.

Go to your world view (where you see Willow Creek / Oaisis Springs etc) Read the rest of this entry »

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Sims 4 – Gardening Tutorial & General

I can’t believe I haven’t posted something since the 23rd Aug! Where has the time gone? Evidently I’ve been lost in the time vortex that is motherhood combined with Sims 4 launch! I’ve been loving it! So many ideas for tutorials, finally managed enough game time to be able to make a tutorial video even! I’m really happy with the outcome and can’t wait to put the others together as quickly as possible! I also intend on doing a video on what programs I use to put the videos together with aaaand a review of Sims 4 in case anyone is interested in my opinion.

Hope you enjoy the video!


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Where have the toddlers gone? Sims 4 angst

Sims 4

Sims 4

It has been reported via a blog written by Sim Guru Ryan, in the base game for Sims 4 the different life ages. To the surprise of many, the toddler stage isn’t included.

•   We are also very excited about our new Create A Sim! You probably guess this since we’ve been showing it off everywhere. We’re particularly proud of our new Genetics system, where you can create relatives from any other Sim. It’s like a game in itself! As for ages, we have babies, children, teens, young adults, adults and elders. With our new personalities, you can really feel how their individuality plays out in the gameplay. We can’t wait for you to try it.

To add insult to injury the young adult, adults and elders life stages are all the same height. Bummer guys!!

It’s been said that EA have announced that toddlers (and pools) will be added at a later stage.

I’m a little split with how I feel about this. On one hand I’m excited to be able to click and drag in order to create new sims, it looks like a much nicer, cleaner way to do things without the use of sliders. The build tool looks amazing. However, it feels as though they’ve gone overboard with the creation and are leaving out the game play. Although, the game play can (and probably will) be expanded upon with the inevitable plethora of expansion packs that will come out afterwards. So I feel that it’s OK to focus on the game play and creation in the base game because that’s something we’ll all be doing a lot of.

The toddler stage (and pools) were something that I enjoyed having, but didn’t use much. I often zoom through the toddler stages anyway, they don’t really do much as toddlers and pools often got in the way with Sims wanting to swim in the middle of winter, at night.

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My Heritage site for the Sterling family!

Yeah, kind of (Ok a lot!) geeking out on this family! Since I’m doing the “lets plays” (on YouTube) I figured I’d create a My Heritage site for it as well. You will need to sign up in order to see the full tree which includes names, genders and the occasional picture. Pictures will appear mainly on Sims that I play. To view the family tree, click here!

I’ve also been updating on Twitter. Yeah, again geeked out and created a Twitter channel for small updates haha! ShillianthYT.


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