Shillianth's Old Blog – We've Moved


It’s taken some time to setup, but I’ve moved the site to itsĀ own URL!

This will allow greater flexability when it comes to modifying the website and also allows me to explore being a web site owner! Please come and have a look at my new website!

I’ve got plans to make the website into a treasure trove of information for Sims 4 and other games, as well as having a forum for everyone to talk to each other!



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Sims 4 – Gardening Tutorial & General

I can’t believe I haven’t posted something since the 23rd Aug! Where has the time gone? Evidently I’ve been lost in the time vortex that is motherhood combined with Sims 4 launch! I’ve been loving it! So many ideas for tutorials, finally managed enough game time to be able to make a tutorial video even! I’m really happy with the outcome and can’t wait to put the others together as quickly as possible! I also intend on doing a video on what programs I use to put the videos together with aaaand a review of Sims 4 in case anyone is interested in my opinion.

Hope you enjoy the video!


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We Play Wednesday – Sims 3 – Episode 09

After the drama with episode 7 & 8, I’m happy to release #9 completely drama free!

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We Play Wednesday – Sims 3 – Episode 08

Releasing a few days early since #7 wont be up, ever #SadFace

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Misc Monday – 01 Missing We Play Episode #7

I’m seriously bummed. I’m sorry T_T

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How to get early access to the Create A Sim

I don’t normally check Twitter before bed, last night I got an urge to check. As I was scrolling I saw a tweet about Sims 4 from @SimGuruRachel saying that they are going to be giving access to more people to the create a sim tool for Sims 4.

Watch the video below to see how to gain early access!


If you get early access make sure to send your pics to so that I can put them on the website! I’d LOVE to see what you create!

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Marvel Puzzle Quest: Dark Reign – The importance of team selection

Got time to play a quick game while a very sleepy baby sat quietly on my knee. While the game looks very simple bejewelled like game, there is an element of strategy to it. Not only do you have to pick the right attacking team, you also have to match your team with the environment. This can often give you an edge when playing and help with attacking teams that have a higher level than you do.

This map has an elemental tile that turns however many tiles to green. This mixed well with Daken, as his passive ability turns (1+) red tiles into an attack tile. Add storm into the mix and her power ability to eliminate all elemental tiles requiring only 5 red tiles, this makes a deadly combination.

As you can see the combo works really well within the video. My team should have been creamed! Given the opposing team was only able to get 2 plays off, their damage to my team was minimal. Meanwhile I was able to kill them using a sequence of powers.



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Syncing links and other fun stuf

I’m excited! I’ve linked Twitter with Facebook (and vice versa), Youtube should also be connected and they should also be connected to WordPress! So here is the final test! Making a post in WordPress to see if I can spread it everywhere else without having to do it individually on each! Then I need to work on a video!

~ Shilli

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My Heritage site for the Sterling family!

Yeah, kind of (Ok a lot!) geeking out on this family! Since I’m doing the “lets plays” (on YouTube) I figured I’d create a My Heritage site for it as well. You will need to sign up in order to see the full tree which includes names, genders and the occasional picture. Pictures will appear mainly on Sims that I play. To view the family tree, click here!

I’ve also been updating on Twitter. Yeah, again geeked out and created a Twitter channel for small updates haha! ShillianthYT.


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Error Code: 12 – Annoying!

I’ve been getting the “Error Code: 12” ever since I installed Generations and it’s driving me insane! I’ve been looking around for a ‘cure’, hopefully this will help you!

NRAAS Mod (Unrelated to the video, just wanted to let you know the main mods I’m using!)

Memories Disabled 1.22/Generations

TS3 Memory Modder (Recommended!)